MADabolic Announces Multi-Unit Deal in Tampa

In MADabolic, News by Kristi Wass

MADabolic, the industry’s first and only strength-driven interval training franchise, is pleased to announce that a new multi-unit agreement has been signed to bring the concept to Tampa, Florida under owner Todd Reisner.

Todd grew up a multi-sport athlete and collegiately majored in Kinesiology, highlighting a long term love affair with fitness and athletics. Professionally, his experience spans working with Fortune 500 and 1000 companies in sales, holding leadership positions in the tech space, and also owning a small family business with his wife.

Todd’s discovery of MADabolic was unique compared to our existing ownership roster in that he only recently learned about the brand nearly six months ago. With an appetite to add fitness franchise ownership to his resume, he was directed to our MADabolic website in passing amidst courtship with an entirely different brand. Based on his initial interaction with the website, he immediately felt drawn to the brand and made his way to Charlotte, NC to experience it first-hand.

From his visit to MADabolic headquarters, it was the program design and the franchise’s systems that sealed the deal. “The people and support staff told stories that inspired me to be a part of this culture,” noted Todd. “The structure and accountability really drew me in,” he continues. “From a client perspective, the philosophy behind the ‘Work.Rest.Repeat’ tagline is relatable both professionally and recreationally…it captures the essence of the value MADabolic provides. From an owner standpoint, it’s the reliability of the brand’s systems that sets us, as owners, up for success…you provide us the playbook, all we have to do is follow it.”

Between the uniquely purposeful programming that translates to every day life and the focus on recovery and restoration, Todd believes that MADabolic will fill a major gap in the Tampa fitness space. “I heard Brandon say on a podcast recently that ‘we could care less about how many reps you do, we care far more about the quality of each rep’, and it was just such a refreshing perspective that you unfortunately don’t see a lot in the fitness space.”

Al Mendoza, MADabolic’s Chief Development Officer, says “We can’t wait to introduce the concept to the Tampa market under Todd’s leadership. Between his professional and athletic background and his personal drive, he’s the perfect candidate to make a splash in this new market.”

MADabolic has more than 90 studios operating or in development in markets across the country.

MADabolic is rooted in strength, structure, and accountability. From a top-notch strength-biased training program to robust operating systems designed to help owners thrive to a team of experts behind the brand, MADabolic provides franchise owners with a blueprint for success in any market. For information about the MADabolic franchise opportunity, please visit