MADabolic Announces Three-Unit Expansion in Austin, TX

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MADabolic, the first and only strength-driven interval training franchise, announces a three-unit agreement has been signed to expand the brand’s presence in Austin, TX. The signing brings the MADabolic Austin portfolio to four total locations under co-owners Jon Guida and his wife Joanna Rogerson.

Guida, a former professional athlete, was first introduced to the brand as a member at MADabolic’s Raleigh, North Carolina location. “My wife would take me to various bootcamp classes with her, and I always felt unfilfilled at the end of the hour. When MADabolic opened in Raleigh, I was reluctant to go to what I thought would be yet another basic bootcamp, but as soon as we walked onto the training floor, I saw bigger dumbbells than any bootcamp would ever dream of even owning and heavy dballs you won’t find anywhere else. Before we even started the workout, I sensed that MADabolic offered something different, and I was hooked” recalled Guida.

After relocating to Texas in 2015, Guida opened Austin’s first MADabolic studio in 2017 with the support of two Lead Trainers, Ryan Berning and Kasey Hall. Uniquely, the trio have been the sole set of trainers over the tenure of the original Austin location, and this tight-knit team will continue to be a staple in driving growth as MADabolic expands across the Austin metro.

Over the four years in operation, Jon, Ryan, and Kasey have built a strong network clients who, like them, believe in the MADabolic system. “The program is challenging, intelligent, balanced, effective, and sustinable, all rolled into one,” said Guida. “Having trained with MADabolic for nearly eight years at this point, I’m in better shape now than I was as a professional athlete. I have better mobility, less joint pain, and stronger agility skills than I ever did in my younger days. I believe in MAD’s programming and really value that the concept offers growth and progression, while still keeping focus on longvity. Our members see this, too, and this demand led us to undergo this expansion.”

With the agreement signed, Guida will soon begin the search for MADabolic Austin’s next location, with hopes of a grand opening in late 2022 or early 2023. The additional locations’ openings will be staggered over the next five years.

“MADabolic’s program is unlike anything else out there,” added Guida. “With the influx of young professionals calling Austin home in recent years, we’ll continue to see strong demand from all corners of this growing city.”

“Jon has been a great franchise partner, and he, supported by his team, has built solid momentum in the Austin market,” shared Brandon Cullen, MADabolic Co-Founder and Chief Concept Officer. “MADabolic is growing strong, and with Jon’s passion and energy, I have no doubt the additional locations in Austin will be just as successful under his leadership.”

Rooted in science, MADabolic’s distinctive fat-torching interval system is crafted around intentional work-to-rest ratios, offering a challenging yet easily scalable workout for a wide range of clients. The boutique concept attracts the everyday go-getter who prioritizes health and fitness. MADabolic’s uniquely purposeful approach provides unmatched results and offers a strong franchise investment opportunity.

With nearly 50 studios operating or in development, the brand continues to seek qualified franchise prospects with a vested interest in strength and interval-based training and connections to their local fitness community. Ideal franchisees are driven and passionate community leaders that members can look up to, ranging from former elite-caliber athletes to everyday fitness enthusiasts.

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