MADabolic Charlottesville Opening Soon

In MADabolic, News by Al Mendoza

MADabolic, the first and only strength-driven interval training franchise, will open its doors to the new Charlottesville, Virginia location later this month. Located at 923 Preston Avenue, the location will operate under wife and husband duo Kirsten and Todd Lorenger. MADabolic brings a fresh take on strength-focused training to the Charlottesville fitness scene and provides a premium boutique option for the everyday go-getter.

Kirsten, alongside Lead Trainer Jojo McDuffie, will lead the bulk of the studio’s classes as MADabolic Charlottesville launches. They will be supported by trainers Katie Kline and Jeff Jones. “We have an amazing team on board, and we’ve already seen a lot of local support,” shared Kirsten. “We’re thrilled to be part of a community that values and supports small business owners. Our team is well-integrated in the local fitness scene, so we’re already seeing a lot of energy from clients who are pumped about the void MADabolic’s programming fills.”

MADabolic’s distinctive training system is crafted entirely around work-to-rest ratios, which presents a challenging-yet-accessible environment unique to each client. The signature intervals, rooted in science, are designed to torch body fat, increase strength, and promote lean muscle, delivering unparalleled results.

“The MADabolic concept really compliments the phenomenal and vibrant fitness scene in Charlottesville,” added Kirsten. “MAD’s strength-focused nature can make a yogi’s practice stronger, increase a runner’s endurance, or even translate to the movement patterns of an outdoor enthusiast, and I’m so excited that our space will bring these kinds of interests together.”

“MADabolic offers clients a training system that uniquely commands a progressive and comprehensive approach to strength with the ability to age athletically,” said Brandon Cullen, MADabolic co-founder and Chief Concept Officer. “Kirsten and Todd make great partners to open the new MADabolic Charlottesville, and we are pleased to bring our unique strength-focused take on training for the everyday athlete to the Cville fitness scene.”

The MADabolic Charlottesville team will host a “Free Week of MADness” November 29 – December 4 to introduce the new studio to Charlottesville in advance of the official grand opening to come in early December. Founding memberships will remain available for a limited time leading up to the grand opening. For more information visit:

In addition to a world-class strength-focused training program, MADabolic is known for providing an excellent franchise partnership opportunity. The concept’s approach to franchising blends proven systems and extensive training and resources for owners with a unique-to-the-industry human element to set franchise owners up for success. The new studio in Charlottesville comes as MADabolic wraps up a booming quarter, with additional openings anticipated in Nashville, Alexandria, Stamford, Washington, D.C., and Silver Lake by the end of the year. The company continues to seek qualified franchise candidates; ideal MADabolic franchisees are driven and passionate individuals that members can look up to as role models, ranging from former elite-caliber athletes to everyday fitness enthusiasts.

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