MADabolic Inks Deal to Open Strength-Focused Fitness in Atlanta with New Gym

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Premier Strength and Conditioning Gym Announces Signed Agreement for Second Atlanta Location

MADabolic, the renegade athletic strength and conditioning program that stands alone in an oversaturated cardio-focused fitness culture, is redefining fitness with the announcement of a signed agreement to bring another MADabolic to Atlanta.

This will be the second MADabolic location in the Atlanta area and site selection is underway for the future location in Brookhaven. For local fitness enthusiasts committed to finding a true athletic strength and conditioning training program, MADabolic will be the first of its kind. The gym will be locally owned and operated by LaShell Estes.

“I wasn’t necessarily looking for a business opportunity when I came across the MADabolic concept,” said Estes. “Fitness and athletics have always been very important to me. As a collegiate athlete, strength training played a pivotal role for me on the volleyball court and in managing my joint pain as a result of lupus. I’m thankful to have learned about MADabolic and discovered a franchise opportunity that will allow me to have such a positive impact on others through its proven business model.”

Estes brings her experience in finance, accounting and project management to her new MADabolic location.

Founded in Charlotte, N.C. by former professional hockey players Brandon Cullen and Kirk Dewaele, MADabolic is a high-performing gym that attracts an established community of former athletes and athletic fitness enthusiasts. Rather than over-emphasizing cardio, MADabolic starts with strength as the base and adds in athletic movement that creates stamina and durability.

“Too often in today’s fitness culture, consumers are led to believe that more is always better, when in actuality, better is better. LaShell is the perfect example of who we want redefining people’s fitness routines by introducing them to the right way to build strength instead of exhausting themselves on endless cardio,” said Cullen. “With this signed agreement, we are confident LaShell will create a passionate, enthusiastic following in North Atlanta where high-energy over-achievers looking for a true athletic workout will find long-term results.”

The MADabolic experience is built around a carefully structured daily workout with a well-curated warm-up specific to the goals being achieved that day. Each 50-minute class includes a detailed description of the workout, how clients should approach the workout with notes on intensity, pacing and then demonstrate how all the movements are performed. Trainers provide an exact setup and points of performance on how to do each movement correctly.

MADabolic prioritizes the value of the fitness program on the floor, creating a results-driven culture that attracts high achievers who value structure, accountability and results.

The new signed agreement in Atlanta comes as MADabolic continues to strengthen its system through franchising into key markets across the United States, including Raleigh, Arlington, D.C., Austin, Asheville, Greenville, Atlanta and Charlotte. The fitness brand is actively seeking qualified franchise prospects with a vested interest in strength and conditioning, as well as a connection to their local fitness community. They should also be willing to be hands-on with their business and confident in their ability to make it stand out in their market using the tools and resources provided by the MADabolic corporate team.

Ideal MADabolic franchisees are individuals that the members can look up to as a role model, such as former professional athletes as well as lifelong athletes, those with strong athletic backgrounds and high-achievers with a strong sense of confidence.

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About MADabolic

MADabolic is a premier athletic strength and conditioning program that stands out in an oversaturated cardio-obsessed fitness culture by focusing on strength and durability as the building blocks of athletic fitness. Founded in 2011 by former professional hockey players Brandon Cullen and Kirk Dewaele, MADabolic is a new standard for the high-achieving fitness enthusiast. Backed by science and years of athletic experience, the brand’s signature combination of Momentum, Anaerobic and Durability intervals 

enable each member to unleash their inner MADass and carve a lean, athletic physique.

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