madabolic strength-driven with purpose

New MADabolic Franchisees Discuss 5-Unit Deal and Passion for the Brand with Franchise Times

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New MADabolic franchisees Mike Dunn and Steve and Michelle Hatcher recently connected with Franchise Times to share how the MADabolic workout is “strength-driven with purpose” and more insight on their five-unit deal in Houston.

“We have been members of gyms who basically just use cardio for an hour and call it fitness. We have biked to the point of boredom; we have frantically switched stations for 45 minutes of chaos. MADabolic is different,” said Steve Hatcher, who with his wife and Dunn will open five locations. “It’s strength-driven with purpose… We want to feel strong, not just like we are getting run, rowed or biked to death for 50 minutes.” 

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