Sirius Day Spa Welcomes South Florida Regional Developer

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Sirius Day Spa is proud to announce the awarding of the South Florida region to Reaavi Group LLC. The Reaavi Group will be responsible for developing 46 locations in Southern Florida in a territory that encompasses Tampa, Fort Myers, Miami and Broward Counties. The Reaavi Group was also awarded the Sirius Day Spa regional development rights for Michigan and will be responsible for 18 locations across the state.

The Reavvi Group, in turn, selected ZGrowth Partners to manage franchise sales and marketing efforts for the exciting Southern Florida region.

“We are pleased to have guided the Reaavi Group through the Sirius Day Spa discovery process,” commented Scott Schubiger, President of ZGrowth Partners. “We are thrilled they were recognized and awarded the Regional Developer rights. We also know there is more collective work to be done in order to achieve our mutual goals. The real work lies in selecting the best franchisees, ones who will represent our brand and the region well. To that end, we see fulfilling development schedules in a timely matter as mission critical. As such, we are pleased the Reavvi Group is partnering with ZGrowth Partners on this next key initiative.”

To continue to build brand awareness, ZGrowth recently launched a regional digital marketing campaign with targeted PPC and sponsored posts. All leads flow through a sales follow up process with the intention of consistently sharing our brand story over the next 90 days.

“Sirius Day Spa is a game changing concept in the health and beauty industry,” said Ravi Kumar of Reavvi Group LLC. “We are very excited to be Regional Developers for such a promising brand. It’s a privilege to bring this concept to the Florida market. Getting the licenses sold and territory developed in a timely fashion is very critical, that is why we decided to partner with ZGrowth. They are known for their franchise sales experience and expertise.”

Ravi continued, “With ZGrowth’s collaborative partnership and the strength of the Sirius Day Spa and The Leonesio Group’s brand, we expect to have great success in the Florida market.”

Sirius Day Spa is actively speaking with experienced Regional Developers and Franchisees to join the Sirius Day Spa brand. With growing interest in the health, wellness, and beauty sector and an appealing Regional Developer model, opportunities are expected to go quickly.

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