Sirius Day Spa Welcomes Tennessee Regional Developer

In News by Al Mendoza

Sirius Day Spa is proud to announce the awarding of the Tennessee region to Third Rock Developers, LLC led by Chris and Heather Cline. Chris and Heather both began their professional careers as project engineers and are very familiar with following a process in order to produce a successful outcome. Chris currently works with an engineering consulting firm where he manages multiple environmental projects, maintains state and federal compliance, and is tasked with meeting tight project deadlines on a limited budget. Heather chose to leave the engineering field to pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy degree so she could reach her goal of helping others begin their journey toward life-long health. She currently works alongside the state’s Medicaid program and ensures that pharmacy and medical providers across the state are following proper policies and procedures to supply total patient care in a cost-effective manner.

“Chris and I have always felt compelled to create a positive impact in our community, but always seemed to find a reason why the time wasn’t right. After losing our 2nd child, Landon, in March we decided that the time was now and soon came across the Sirius Day Spa brand being launched by The Leonesio Group (TLG-SDS). We immediately knew we had found the way to have the positive impact not only on our community, but the entire state of Tennessee! Sirius Day Spa will provide an affordable way for people to escape their stressful lives and be immersed in a tranquil setting that offers multiple spa services that normally would require them to go from one location to another. I know I would have loved to have had access to these services under one roof after our loss so I am thrilled at the chance to partner with entrepreneurs and bring this option across the state of Tennessee!” says Heather. Chris and Heather are responsible for developer 13 locations in their region.

“The Cline’s are the perfect couple for developing our growing brand in Tennessee,” says Lyle Myers, President of Sirius Day Spa Franchising. “With their strong business background, they fit right along with several of Sirius Day Spa’s existing Regional Developers. A large part of the Regional Developer role is to ensure that all franchisees are following the system designed for the franchisees to succeed. Heather and Chris’ expertise will ensure this occurs so all of their franchisees are successful.” With these 13 additional regional developer licenses, Sirius Day Spa has now sold 254 and will have their first franchise location open in December of this year.

Sirius Day Spa is actively speaking with experienced Regional Developers and Franchisees to join the Sirius Day Spa brand. With much interest in the health, wellness, and beauty sector and an appealing Regional Developer model, opportunities are expected to go quickly.

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