Jabz Boxing Welcomes Bert Albertse as Brand President

In Jabz, News by Danielle Scott

Jabz Boxing proudly announces Bert Albertse has joined the leadership team as Brand President. Earlier this year, the boutique fitness franchise announced a new look, and the addition of Bert to the team gives Jabz Boxing additional leadership and brand power as it continues to expand in key markets across the country.
Bert brings an impressive background and skillset to the new role — a passion for people and love of fitness, a strong spirit of cooperation, a background in franchise sales and marketing, and a professional career in boutique fitness franchise systems, to name a few. Perhaps his greatest skill is his inner drive to work with others to develop efficiencies, collaborate to solve problems, and create improvements within franchise business systems. 
A lifelong athlete and serial entrepreneur, Bert credits the adversity he experienced in his humble beginnings in South Africa in forming his work ethic that has driven him to success in his athletic and professional endeavors. From international bodybuilding competitions to launching and building several global franchise companies, Bert has always been a high-achiever and has much to offer the Jabz franchise family in his new role. 
“There’s broad market appeal for the Jabz Boxing concept, and so much opportunity for the brand to continue to grow. The workout is both accessible and challenging to all, and it’s a fun environment to be a part of,” said Bert. “At Jabz Boxing, no day is ever the same, so clients are continually learning new skills, improving in all aspects of fitness, and because classes take place in a motivational group environment under the guidance of excellent coaches, it is truly an opportunity to make fitness safe and fun for all. I believe in what the Jabz Boxing concept offers, and I look forward to growing our network to expand the Jabz Boxing brand.”
As Brand President, Bert will work to foster the relationships between the brand and current franchisees, as well as increase the reach of Jabz Boxing as the concept expands to new markets. 
“Franchise systems are most importantly about developing relationships and synergies between the franchisee and franchisor,” shared Bert. “At the same time, every market has its own unique set of challenges, and within a franchise system, our goal is to strike a balance between protecting the brand and finding ways to empower franchisees to reach their highest potential.” 
“Effective franchise systems are based on earned trust between franchisees and the franchisor and exist under a leadership culture that strives for constant improvement,” explained Bert. “I aim to bring this culture to the Jabz family, combining effort and strategy, empowering our people, and finding ways to add value to the experience of members, franchise owners, and the brand as a whole.”
Jabz Boxing delivers a progressive yet balanced approach to improving your health and wellness, helping each and every client grow stronger, inside and out. Blending elements of cardio, strength training, kickboxing, plyometrics, and more, the Jabz workout is scalable to provide an appropriate challenge to all levels. 
Jabz continues to expand its presence across the country, with its newest studio locations opening soon in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, and beyond. With boutique fitness ranked as the fastest growing segment of the fitness industry, and a powerhouse team behind the brand, there’s no better time to invest in opening a Jabz Boxing studio in your area. Learn more today: www.jabzboxing.com/own-a-jabz