Jabz Launches Sunday Wellness Series and Partnership with Gympass

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Popular Boxing Brand Livestreaming Weekly Wellness Series, Increased Access to Online Workouts through Gympass

PHOENIX – Jabz, a full-body circuit workout that utilizes boxing-inspired exercises, has announced the launch of two initiatives that will keep members at home on track with their fitness routines: a weekly wellness series featuring expert guests across the wellness industry and a partnership with Gym Pass.

The series features weekly wellness videos with experts across the industry, live Q&As and classes every Sunday through May. Sessions include instructor-led workouts and discussions on topics such as creating a routine, mental and emotional health as well as nutrition.

“The weekly wellness series content is intended to provide valuable information, tips, and classes, live streamed for free to our Facebook and YouTube channels for all to enjoy,” said Danielle Scott, president of Jabz. “We’ve handpicked some of the top leaders specializing in adjacent wellness practices for the series – their complementary expertise will allow everyone, everywhere to have a more holistic sense of wellness while feeling supported in their fitness journeys.”

In addition to the weekly wellness series, Jabz has partnered with Gympass to bring its workouts to Gympass members across the country. Using the Gympass app, fitness enthusiasts can now stream Jabz workouts from anywhere. Jabz is also offering daily emailed workouts and virtual classes on the Jabz app to its active membership bases.

Committed to cultivating an empowering fitness community, Jabz offers intense boxing-inspired, full-body workouts to help clients achieve their fitness goals. All classes are led by dedicated, certified instructors who offer one-on-one support for all members as they guide and motivate them though an energetic and intimate workout experience.

For more information on the Jabz wellness series, visit https://www.facebook.com/JabzBoxing/ and tune in live every Sunday, For more information on Jabz, visit https://www.jabzboxing.com.

About Jabz

Jabz is a full-body circuit style workout utilizing boxing-inspired exercises. Our focus is on developing fitness rather than fighters. Our workouts, which combine cardio, strength training, core work and plyometrics, give clients a full-body workout to help keep our clients’ bodies constantly challenged. Jabz certified trainers are prepared to help guide and motivate people of all different sizes, ages and body types through an energetic and intimate workout experience.

Since it began franchising in 2013, Jabz Boxing has grown to more than 20 franchise locations open or in development in Arizona, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

To learn more about Jabz , visit https://www.jabzboxing.com/. To learn about franchising opportunities with Jabz, visit Jabz Boxing Franchising.

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