Congratulations to MADabolic's Newest Franchise Owner, Justin Noska. Noska will bring three MADabolic gyms to the Denver metro.

MADabolic Announces Multi-Unit Deal in Denver, CO

In MADabolic, News by Al Mendoza

MADabolic, the first and only strength-driven interval training franchise, is pleased to announce that a new agreement has been signed to bring the concept to Denver, Colorado, under owner-operator Justin Noska.

Justin is a long-time Denver resident who brings business ownership experience and a background in both coaching CrossFit and teaching yoga to his MADabolic journey. He will open three studios across the Denver market.

Justin grew up a multi-sport athlete and originally found himself drawn to strength-focused training for the ways it supported his cycling and rock-climbing hobbies. He was inspired to bring MADabolic to the Denver market because the brand’s approach to strength-driven training and aging athletically resonated strongly with his personal training philosophies.

“By focusing on movement quality over quantity, clients continue to progress over time with less risk of injury,” he shared. “MADabolic offers a balanced and sustainable approach to training, and this will resonate with the Denver community, from those looking for a sustainable and results-driven training regimen to those who want to boost their outdoor hobbies by building a base of functional strength.”

Rooted in science, MADabolic’s distinctive fat-torching interval system offers a challenging yet scalable workout for a wide range of clients. The brand emphasizes one-on-one coaching in a group environment to help all clients move safely, maximize strength gains, and age athletically. Each workout is crafted around intentional work-to-rest ratios.

MADabolic has nearly 85 studios operating or in development across the country. The brand’s approach to franchising blends support from a team of experts with proven systems, robust training, and extensive resources to optimize franchise owners’ success.  When it comes to strength, structure, and accountability, MADabolic delivers.

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