MADabolic Announces New Studio in Annapolis MD

MADabolic Announces New Agreement for Annapolis, MD

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MADabolic, the first and only strength-driven interval training franchise, is pleased to announce that a new agreement has been signed to bring the concept to Annapolis, Maryland, under Dale and Christine Thompson.

Dale will act as owner-operator of MADabolic Annapolis. He is a long-time fitness professional with years of personal and group training experience, including having owned several CrossFit gyms across the region over the last 15 years.

Dale was initially drawn to MADabolic for its ability to effectively apply strength-driven training to a broad client base to further their health and fitness goals while keeping the risk of injury low. “MADabolic offers a smart approach to building strength that can be applied effectively across a wide range of clients,” he shared. “The programming is approachable, sustainable, results-driven, and can fit into the lifestyle of the everyday fitness consumer.”

Each MADabolic workout is crafted around intentional work-to-rest ratios. The brand emphasizes one-on-one coaching in a group environment to help all clients move safely and maximize strength gains. The training program appeals to high achievers yet is easily scalable for any fitness level.

MADabolic has over 80 studios operating or in development across the country. Rooted in science, the brand’s distinctive fat-torching interval system offers a challenging yet scalable workout for a wide range of clients. MADabolic’s approach to franchising blends support from a team of experts with proven systems, robust training, and extensive resources to optimize franchise owners’ success.  When it comes to strength, structure, and accountability, MADabolic delivers.

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