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MADabolic Announces New Website Launch

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – MADabolic, the industry’s original strength-driven interval training program, recently launched its new website to provide new members and prospective franchise owners a better understanding of the brand.

“This website launch isn’t a rebrand – rather, it’s an opportunity to tell our story more clearly and to educate people on who we are and what we do,” said Brandon Cullen, co-founder of MADabolic. “With this updated platform, we can engage new members and interested investors by providing them a window into the MAD lifestyle.”

In addition to offering a clearer view of the brand, the new website also includes Accessibility Adjustments. With the option to use a virtual keyboard, stop animations or make adjustments to the website as you move through it, MADabolic aims to provide a comfortable and inclusive experience for all. 

MADabolic’s signature interval system is crafted entirely around work-to-rest ratios, which presents a challenging-yet-accessible environment for each client. Each 50-minute class includes a detailed description of the workout, an in-depth demonstration of each movement, and a carefully structured warmup to match the specific demands of the daily workout. MADabolic believes in the value of routine, which fosters a results-driven culture of go-getters who value structure, accountability and results.

About MADabolic

Founded in 2011 by former professional hockey players, Brandon Cullen and Kirk Dewaele, MADabolic sets a new standard for group fitness, where anyone can channel their inner athlete. Rooted in science and backed by years of athletic experience, MADabolic’s signature intervals are designed to torch body fat, increase strength and promote lean muscle.