MADabolic Flexes Transformative Strength-Focused Fitness in D.C. with New Gym Opening

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Premier Strength and Conditioning Gym Opens in H Street Neighborhood

WASHINGTON D.C. – MADabolic, the renegade athletic strength and conditioning program that stands alone in an oversaturated cardio-focused fitness culture, is redefining fitness in Washington D.C. with a new gym opening on July 29, located at 701 2nd St NE, near Giant and the Beer Cellar.

Locally owned and operated by Corbin Jennings, the new MADabolic will be the first location for the brand in Washington D.C., joining a thriving and growing fitness community along H Street. For fitness enthusiasts committed to finding a true athletic strength and conditioning training program, MADabolic will be the first of its kind.

“From the first time I tried MADabolic, I knew it was something special. I saw the trainer actually critiquing people on their form and technique, and we were using heavier weights than I’d seen in other classes,” said Jennings. “I know now that if you’re not lifting heavy enough weights you’ll never put on lean muscle. Real strength and conditioning programs like MADabolic teach you to focus on the long game. I know that the results will speak for themselves for our clients in D.C.”

Jennnings joined MADabolic with a background in economics and experience in merchandising and sales at a Fortune 500 company. After opening his first MADabolic in Arlington in 2016, Jennings quickly developed the location into the highest-performing franchise location nationwide. He decided to open his second location on H Street, the first for the brand in Washington D.C., because he saw the demand for a high-achieving strength and fitness gym in the community there.

“Many of our members have said they experienced a plateau in their fitness achievements by going to classes that focus exclusively on burnout cardio. They come to MADabolic because they want something different,” added Jennings. “When they start with us, people quickly see the ways our program focuses on strength and athletic movement, and how that translates into lean sustainable muscle that lasts, so their progress as athletes has no plateau.”

To welcome H Street and the local community to experience MADabolic for the first time, the gym is offering a founder’s membership as part of the opening with $10 off a one-month membership, $20 off a two-month membership and $30 off a 12-month membership, as well as a “10 days for $1” deal running through August.

Founded in Charlotte, N.C. by former professional hockey players Brandon Cullen and Kirk Dewaele, MADabolic is a high-performing gym that attracts an established community of former athletes and athletic fitness enthusiasts. Rather than over-emphasizing cardio, MADabolic starts with strength as the base and adds in athletic movement that creates stamina and durability.

“Too often in today’s fitness culture, consumers are led to believe that more is always better, when in actuality, better is better. Corbin is the perfect example of who we want redefining people’s fitness routines by introducing them to the right way to build strength instead of exhausting themselves on endless cardio,” said Cullen. “Corbin has built a movement in Arlington and we are confident he will create the same passionate, enthusiastic following on H Street, where so many high-energy over-achievers are looking for a true athletic workout based on long-term results.”

The MADabolic experience is built around a carefully structured daily workout with a well-curated warm-up specific to the goals being achieved that day. Each 50-minute class includes a detailed description of the workout, how clients should approach the workout with notes on intensity, pacing and then demonstrate how all the movements are performed. Trainers provide an exact setup and points of performance on how to do each movement correctly.

MADabolic prioritizes the value of the fitness program on the floor, creating a results-driven culture that attracts high achievers who value structure, accountability and results.

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About MADabolic

MADabolic is a premier athletic strength and conditioning program that stands out in an oversaturated cardio-obsessed fitness culture by focusing on strength and durability as the building blocks of athletic fitness. Founded in 2011 by former professional hockey players Brandon Cullen and Kirk Dewaele, MADabolic is a new standard for the high-achieving fitness enthusiast. Backed by science and years of athletic experience, the brand’s signature combination of Momentum, Anaerobic and Durability intervals 

enable each member to unleash their inner MADass and carve a lean, athletic physique.

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