ZGrowth Capital Acquires Controlling Interest in MADabolic, Inc.

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A Leading Strength and Conditioning, Interval-Based Fitness Franchise Concept

Charlotte, NC. – ZGrowth Capital Fund, LP (the “Fund”) along with ZGrowth Partners, LLC which is the Fund’s consulting firm are excited to announce that the fund has made a strategic investment and acquired a controlling interest in MADabolic (http://www.madabolic.com) a unique and industry changing fitness concept. This investment marks the fourth controlling investment by the fund in the past 7 months. ZGrowth Partners believes that there will be a lot of beneficial synergies as it now works to grow two different but exciting fitness concepts.

MADabolic believes that in a culture saturated with “the next big fitness trend”, they are considered renegades. No fads or gimmicks, they simply execute what works: their signature intervals are designed to increase strength, torch body fat and promote lean athletic muscle. They invite members to channel their inner athlete and see what it’s like to train at the industry’s premier strength and conditioning gym!  With its tag line of Work, Rest, Repeat, MADabolic is gaining a lot of notoriety in the fitness industry.

The company was co-founded by Brandon Cullen and Kirk DeWaele, former professional hockey players.

Cullen brings an edgy fitness approach that he and DeWaele designed by combining his valuable experience earned as a professional athlete, personal trainer, gym owner and founder of MADabolic. Having trained under the elite NHL systems, (including the New York Rangers, the New York Islanders and the Pittsburgh Penguins) allows for his strength and conditioning knowledge to be best in class.  In short, he understands what works in the world of fitness.

Kirk DeWaele brings knowledge, experience and an infectious energy to the MADabolic, Inc. brand.  Kirk is the first to admit that he owes his lengthy professional hockey career of 11 years to his skill development and his training expertise.  His commitment and passion, coupled with his exposure to the elite NHL training systems of the New York Islanders, aptly prepared him for his transition into the fitness world. Together with Cullen they have designed a fitness concept that is turning heads.

MADabolic currently has 10 franchise locations throughout the U.S. with the latest two locations set to open in Washington, DC this month and in Pittsburgh, PA before the end of 2019.  Class sizes range from 20-25 members across the different franchise locations. One of the key elements of the workout is that by working out three or four times each week, it can be your only fitness activity and get you in the best shape of your life.

“From the moment I met Brandon and Kirk and saw what they had built, I knew we needed to be a part of this brand.  The guys have a great passion for the concept, the workouts and the training.  With our franchising expertise, I knew it was going to be a great partnership”, said Rick Del Sontro, CEO of ZGrowth Partners.  “They have developed a unique and highly sought-after workout”.

ZGrowth Partners has major growth plans for MADabolic in the coming year. We plan to more than double the size of the brand and increase the average unit revenue for each of the existing franchise locations. We are excited to get going and make MADabolic a cornerstone of the fitness market. 

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