MADabolic Returns to Charlottesville Under New Owners Kirsten & Todd Lorenger

In MADabolic, News by Al Mendoza

MADabolic, the first and only strength-driven interval training franchise, announces its newest gym will open in Charlottesville, Virginia at 923 Preston Avenue, Suite A. The location will operate under wife and husband duo Kirsten and Todd Lorenger.
Kirsten and Todd bring significant experience in leading teams and a passion for MADabolic. Kirsten grew up playing volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, and running cross-country, and Todd was an all-state hockey and baseball player. “After college it was tough to continue to train like we did on the court, field, and ice,” says Kirsten. “It wasn’t until we found MAD that we finally felt that inner athlete reappear.” At the time, there was a MADabolic in Charlottesville, and Kirsten earned her personal training certification and onboarded as a MADabolic trainer. While she originally started teaching just one class per week, Kirsten’s passion only grew, and she quickly began to teach more and more.
A few years later, the franchise agreement ended. Both Kirsten and Todd knew they didn’t want this to be the last Charlottesville saw of MADabolic, and they began the process of bringing the brand back to their city. Now, with the lease signed, the couple has launched into the build-out of the new studio space. “We strongly believe in the MADabolic method: strength + structure,” says Todd. “It works. It’s strategic. It’s fun.”
“While many other brands offer interval-based workouts, MADabolic’s signature strength-driven approach to interval training really sets this concept apart,” says Kirsten of why she and her husband believe in MADabolic. “We’ve always loved how people from various fitness backgrounds can come together through MAD. Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, play a sport, or are a fitness enthusiast, strength training helps improve your performance and is equally important for injury prevention.”
The new MADabolic Charlottesville is expected to open later this fall. The gym is located near UVA and across the street from the city’s new market hall concept, Dairy Market, offering plenty of opportunities for cross-traffic and MADperks partnerships for members.
“Kirsten and Todd are the right people to bring MADabolic back to Charlottesville,” says Brandon Cullen, MADabolic’s Co-Founder and Chief Concept Officer. “Kirsten is highly engrained in the fitness community. With her background as a MADabolic trainer and their experience in business and as entrepreneurs, we know this partnership will be great for the MAD community and will bring back a high quality interval-based strength training experience to the Charlottesville fitness scene.”
Rooted in science, MADabolic’s distinctive fat-torching interval system is crafted around intentional work-to-rest ratios, offering a challenging yet scalable workout. The boutique studio attracts the everyday go-getter who prioritizes health and fitness. MADabolic’s uniquely purposeful approach provides unmatched results and offers a strong franchise investment opportunity.
With nearly 50 studios operating or in development, the brand continues to seek qualified franchise prospects with a vested interest in strength and interval-based training and connections to their local fitness community. For more information about the MADabolic franchise opportunity, please visit