MADabolic Announces 12-Unit Agreement in Phoenix, AZ

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MADabolic, the first and only strength-driven interval training franchise, announces a 12-unit agreement has been signed to bring the concept to Phoenix, AZ. The deal is the brand’s largest to date. While MADabolic may be new to Arizona, franchise owner Corbin Jennings is no stranger to the MADabolic system or building a major market takeover. 

Corbin joined the MADabolic brand in 2016 as owner-operator of MADabolic Arlington (VA) before expanding to Washington D.C.’s H Street Corridor in 2019. In the spring of 2021, Corbin signed an agreement to bring seven additional units to the D.C. metro area over the coming years. In December, he opened the doors to the first of these new studios in Alexandria (VA) and D.C.’s Dupont Circle. Also in 2021, Corbin co-signed an expansion agreement with longtime MADabolic Austin (TX) owner Jon Guida to expand the brand’s presence in Austin from one studio to four. He will phase the 12 units into the greater Phoenix metro over the next few years.

“There’s a wide gap in between fitness concepts that are cardio-dominate and those that have a ‘strength for sport’ approach. MADabolic fits right in the middle of that gap, and more and more people are starting to understand and value the results and sustainability of strength-driven training,” explained Corbin of his belief in the brand. “MADabolic has a head start in the industry to fill this void. The programming is smart and progressive.” 

To Corbin, Phoenix offers a strong balance of commercial real estate availability, projected staffing investments, and market-driven demand for high-quality boutique fitness. “MADabolic is expanding, and the greater Phoenix area is growing,” he shared. “With large companies continuing to move into the area and a growing population of young professionals, there is high demand for quality fitness offerings. It’s exciting to be able to pair the two,” he said. 

“Grassroots events will be critical as we break into a new market,” shared Corbin on bringing MADabolic to a new region. “In D.C., our retention rates are high, so once we get clients in the door and they experience our strength-focused training program plus one-on-one coaching they haven’t experienced at other fitness studios, they see the results they’re looking for, and we see most people buy into the MADabolic training program as a superior approach to fitness and stick with us for the long haul, and an overwhelming majority of our growth comes from client referrals.”

While Corbin has a lot on his plate opening studios in various markets, he gives much credit to his DMV staff, whose passion for MADabolic has strengthened his existing studios’ operations and enabled him to scale. “One of my favorite parts of the expansion journey has been watching our trainers grow professionally. Many of our trainers started out as clients, and now we’re able to move some of our strongest trainers into Lead Trainer roles or even full-time General Manager roles. To be able to create these kinds of opportunities for our team and see how bought-in they are to MADabolic’s philosophies is really rewarding.” 

“2022 is already looking to be a big year for MADabolic,” shared Brandon Cullen, MADabolic’s Co-Founder and Chief Concept Officer. “From coast-to-coast, we’ll be opening studios in major markets from California to Brooklyn, New York, and what makes signing our largest agreement to date especially fulfilling is having a legacy franchise partner like Corbin lead the way. Corbin’s work ethic and prior experience building a thriving MADabolic culture in new markets makes him a great ambassador to bring the brand to Arizona.”

MADabolic’s uniquely purposeful approach is centered around progressive strength gains and intentional work-to-rest intervals, offering a challenging yet scalable opportunity and unmatched results, translating to a substantial franchise investment opportunity. With nearly 70 units operating or in development, the brand continues to expand in key markets across the country. Ideal MADabolic franchisees are driven and passionate community leaders that members can look up to, ranging from former elite-caliber athletes to everyday fitness enthusiasts. 

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