ZGrowth Partners Celebrates 3 years of growth with MADabolic

ZGrowth Partners Celebrates Three Years of Growth with MADabolic

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This month marks three years of ZGrowth’s partnership with MADabolic. We’re proud of the growth of the MADabolic brand over this time, building from 14 units to almost 90 units …and counting.

ZGrowth Partners offers an outsourced franchise development system to help great brands grow and thrive as full-functioning franchise systems. We bring brand partners, like MADabolic, a strategic, proven approach to franchise development and the resources to implement our growth-driven strategies.

We partner with brands we believe in. As we entered the partnership with MADabolic, we considered the unit economics of MADabolic’s current franchise locations as proof points to demonstrate the brand’s potential to scale. We saw that MADabolic stands out in the market as the industry’s first and only strength-driven interval training franchise and offers a unique strength-biased approach in a market otherwise highly saturated by cardio-driven fitness concepts. We also considered whether there was meaningful value we could immediately add to the partnership with MADabolic. We saw that we could offer tactical guidance and financial support to scale the concept.

ZGrowth offers strength to MADabolic’s growing presence by identifying the right franchise candidates to join the network. We are invested in delivering the resources and support franchisees need to be successful in running their business.

ZGrowth brings together a team of experts to provide critical support throughout the pre-opening process. This includes expertise in areas like commercial real estate selection, branding, construction management, equipment ordering and installation, social media outreach, digital marketing efforts, membership sales coaching, and beyond. Each of these essential strategic partnerships ultimately delivers a seamless franchise experience to entrepreneurs who invest in MADabolic.

MADabolic was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2011. When ZGrowth Partners joined forces with MADabolic in August 2019, MADabolic had awarded 14 territories.

Under the guidance and franchise development systems of ZGrowth, MADabolic added more than 20 units by the end of 2020 and 20 additional units in 2021, even through lockdowns and closures in the industry over the period.

Already in 2022, we’ve added more than 30 units to the MADabolic brand.

Today, MADaboic has almost 90 studio locations operating or in development, and we expect to pass the 100-mark in the coming months.

While we’re proud of this growth over the last three years, we’re also glad to have received feedback from new and legacy franchise owners across our network that they have felt the impact of ZGrowth’s leadership since the relationship began.

Not only has ZGrowth brought expertise to the growth and business development of MADabolic, but with ZGrowth at the helm of franchise development, MADabolic’s co-founders and core leadership team have been able to focus their efforts on their area of expertise – including the development of an excellent fitness training program and onboarding trainers to effectively deliver the program in their local markets.

This partnership is a perfect example of our comprehensive franchise development company doing what it does best — helping grow early-stage concepts by investing in systems and resources to ensure the success of franchise owners and dedicating a team of experts to the franchise growth side of the business.

By partnering with brands we believe in, we aim to engage in partnerships where each party can focus on what it does best to benefit the broader system. With ZGrowth’s focus on the business development side of growth, and MADabolic’s focus on maintaining the quality product they developed over a decade ago, the partnership has greatly benefitted the strength, structure, and accountability the MADabolic franchise opportunity offers.

There’s still much more to come, and we’re excited to continue to build this brand we believe in. Congratulations to ZGrowth and MADabolic for seeing these successes over the last three years.